Sharp Physiques Fitness offers an extensive selection of classes taught by certified trainers at times that fit your busy schedule.


Below are descriptions of our current classes:

    • Yoga – Enjoy greater flexibility, better posture, and overall stress relief with our Yoga classes. While there are many different styles of Yoga, they can all be classified as a set of breathing exercises and postural poses that are held for a short duration of time. We try to incorporate several of these styles to welcome all levels of “yogis”.
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    • TRX Suspension Training – Suspension training focuses on using your own bodyweight as resistance. We use the innovative TRX Resistance Straps to help you build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, tighten your core and increase endurance. People of all fitness levels can benefit from this overall strength building class.
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    • Indoor Cycling – Let our instructors lead you through an invigorating ride designed to help increase your metabolism, burn calories, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. The application of varying pace, cadence, and tension are all designed to keep your body guessing. In our dedicated cycling room you can go at your own pace, or try to keep up with the instructor while watching videos on our flat-screen TV. Our highly adjustable LeMond Revmaster Pro bikes have LOOK, SPD, and foot cages to accommodate a variety of shoe choices.
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    • Core – Using various techniques including stretching, Thera-bands, stability balls, and light weight resistance we help tone your body and work on strengthening your joints.
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    • Cardio Kickboxing – Want to kick away the extra pounds you’re carrying around? Our cardio kickboxing class is designed to not only teach you proper techniques, but also give you an intense cardio workout at the same time. Tone your entire body with the moves in this class.
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    • Boot Camp – Let our instructors take you through a rigorous, full-body workout that will be sure to whip you into shape in no time.  Combining resistance movements, cardiovascular elevation, and core stability, this class will make you into a hardened athlete.


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