“A very good friend suggested I schedule an appointment at Sharp Physiques. I was hesitant about working with a trainer and finding a program that would work with my crazy work schedule and my fitness needs. I hadn’t worked out in a long time and was struggling with low back pain. To be honest I felt a little intimidated going to a gym and working with a trainer. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Going to sharp physiques has truly changed my life. Kirk has made a significant positive impact on my life; working out with him has increased my self confidence, reduced my stress and re-ignited my passion for working out. Besides being a true professional he is an all around nice guy. I have been working out with Kirk for nearly a year and I am getting into the best shape of my life. He has a keen ability to listen to your concerns and build a program that will help you meet them. The private appointment style arrangement allows you to be coached and guided through the session. I am only sorry I didn’t start going to Sharp Physiques sooner!!!”


“Training at Sharp Physiques is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I feel much healthier, look better and have a real sense of accomplishment. The work is challenging and fun. The trainers are the best – they know what they’re doing, care about their work and really focus on their clients. I need a motivator, and I can always count on Alex or Kirk to be encouraging while they push me beyond what I ever thought possible. No two sessions are the same, except for the friendly environment.”


“So much stronger! I know a lot of women think they don’t want to build muscle…but I feel so much better now that I am a little stronger, and leaner. No bulk just tone.”


“The attention of the staff is great. Even when I am paired up for a workout I know there is someone there watching and directing to make sure I do things right.”


“I have learned so much training at Sharp Physiques. Their trainers are great at answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction, working with me on my faults and getting solutions.”


“Of all the people I have met in life, Alex still ranks as one of the 5 nicest and caring ever. Nothing else to say really.”


“I like the privacy of the facility and the one-on-one training. I get all my questions answered, and know I am getting a workout geared just for me. I can work on my goals not someone else’s.”


“While the facility is no monstrosity of a gym, don’t let size fool you. The equipment meets all the needs of the trainers and there is plenty to go around. I am always comfortable in the facility no matter what I am doing. Sometimes the atmosphere at a gym is a little overwhelming; I like the privacy that is offered at Sharp Physiques.”

“Always clean!”


“The trainers at Sharp Physiques have literally re-shaped my body, helping me achieve strength and form that my many years of classes and independent trips to the gym have not. I used to over train my upper body and ignore my lower body. They have focused on balancing my physique, lengthening and toning some areas while building muscle in others. I like that their programs are not one-size fits all and the workouts change each time so it keeps my body challenged and my mind engaged and interested. It’s a fun, unintimidating environment that makes you look forward to working out!”


“I started going to Sharp Physiques in February 2008 on the recommendation of my chiropractor. I was having active release technique treatments for a right shoulder injury and my chiropractor suggested that I do some weight training to strengthen my shoulders and upper body. He was a client of Sharp Physiques himself and he was very complimentary of their professionalism and services.”


“I started working out with Sharp Physiques two days a week. They did a comprehensive review of my shoulder injury and we discussed my goals and objectives based on my current physical limitations and activities which included tennis and yoga. My upper body strength has significantly improved as well as my overall physical presence. The weight training and chiropractic sessions have left my right shoulder pain free.”


“The Sharp Physiques staff is friendly and professional. They are results focused and dedicated to their clients. Workout sessions are different every time and they are fun! The environment is clean, neat, and very upbeat. I would highly recommend Sharp Physiques to anyone.”
Mike Ball


“Having never worked out with trainers before, the experience at Sharp Physiques has been just as I hoped. Personal attention, non-intimidating facility and varied workouts are key to sustaining my exercise program. While I’ve been very pleased with the results, I also appreciate the emphasis on a healthy, safe and injury free work out environment. Michelle, Alex and Kirk are extremely knowledgeable and help motivate me to keep moving.”


“I have always been self motivated and in good physical shape so I never felt I needed a personal trainer. A co-worker suggested I share a session with her at Sharp Physiques last year to get a feel for what personal training was all about. I’ve been hooked ever since! I am happy to say that I have been going to Michelle at Sharp Physiques twice a week for over a year now and have seen incredible results in my body. I’ve always been skinny and never had to worry about my weight. However, with that, I’ve never had definition or very strong muscles. Although my goal is not to build large muscles from weight training, I am interested in increasing my strength, balance and bone density, which is exactly what I have gained working out at Sharp Physiques. Michelle takes care to monitor every activity during my sessions to ensure I am using the equipment properly to avoid injury and work the muscles targeted. Michelle, Kurt and Alex take great pride in making every workout different and unique for the person they are training, which keeps if interesting and fun. I actually look forward to getting up at the crack of dawn for my workouts each week and as a result, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.”


“Michelle Sharp is by far one of the most dedicated trainers with whom I have worked. She truly cares about the goals of each of her clients and is committed to helping us achieve them. The staff at Sharp Physiques are very professional, helpful, as well as friendly. I like the environment there and I always feel welcome there. I would highly recommend Michelle and the other trainers at Sharp Physiques (I am partial to Michelle) to anyone and everyone who is devoted to reaching and even surpassing their fitness goals!”


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